Video Conferencing

In today’s fast-paced and time-sensitive business environment, quick and efficient corporate communications has become standard practice. As a communication tool for both internal and external purposes, Video Conferencing has become the ideal platform to conduct in depth meetings, training sessions, webcasts, and any other sharing of information, regardless of location.
Design Electronics’ state-of-the-art Video Conferencing systems offer the corporate, military, education, and government sectors a cost-effective, comprehensive, and secure communication tool facilitating the need for internal and external sharing of information. Our Video Conferencing systems employ cutting-edge components merged with sophisticated programming designed to integrate a powerful and reliable network that provides a clear, high definition exchange between two or more linked parties.

As travel costs increase along with the loss of time for key individuals while on the road, Video Conferencing has become paramount for organizations looking to provided immediate communication capabilities with clients and colleagues over a secure network. When designing and implementing a Video Conferencing system, Design Electronics takes into consideration security, reliability, and ease of use as prime factors balanced by the client’s requirements and budget parameters. As with all Design Electronics’ installations, our systems are future-proof, guaranteeing longevity and compatibility as new technologies and advancements become available.

Design Electronics provides all-encompassing boardroom Telepresence systems as well as personal terminal solutions utilizing high definition audio and video digital signals. Our Video Conferencing solutions allow clients to conduct meetings, seminars, webcasts, appraisals, and any other communication requirements over secure and encrypted networks, leveraging peace of mind and corporate efficiency.

As the modern platform to conduct corporate communications, Video Conferencing implementation will not only save time, travel, and the subsequent costs, but will set your organization apart as leading-edge in today’s highly competitive and fast-moving landscape. Contact Design Electronics for a thorough demonstration of what we offer in terms of Video Conferencing integration.