Security Surveillance Access Control

When safety, security, and protection are paramount, Design Electronics can offer a complete electronic surveillance package and high-tech access control system that provides an impenetrable barrier to any threat of unwanted access to your premises.
Design Electronics’ team of Security Specialists is ready to fortify any facility, business, or residence employing cutting-edge surveillance and access control technologies and systems, ensuring the protection of our client’s most sensitive property and information. Our team will perform a thorough assessment of the property, identify any vulnerabilities, and offer a solution that will provide an impenetrable barrier, eliminating any threats of access.

Our security solutions provide three levels of protection: CCTV, Access Control, and Systems Control. With every project, our industry-certified security engineers execute a complete assessment of your premises to establish CCTV points of surveillance, which provide 360 degrees of audiovisual coverage. Our specialty is not only providing extensive security protection of popular points of access, but we establish a perimeter beyond the expected scope, leaving zero compromised areas.

Just as important as CCTV surveillance is Access Control. Using innovative biometric scanning technologies such as retina, thumb, and palm scanners, as well as traditional ID scanning systems and keypads, we are able to deny any unwanted access to any location.

Integral to the optimal operation of both CCTV and Access Control systems is a custom programmed control interface. Utilizing audiovisual and remote technologies programmed into an intuitive customizable interface, our systems provide the operator with complete control of the premises’ surveillance system from virtually anywhere.

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